About Us

I am Wendy MacKenzie, an ardent reader, aspiring writer, certified proofreader and copy editor.
Throughout the years I have actively scaled news pieces and, on many occasions, often in disbelief, found glaring errors. This frustrated me so much. So I decided to test myself to see if I had the ability to proofread, and it seemed I did.

I trained and graduated with the College of Media and Publishing.

Being passionate about the English language stands me in good stead when it comes to identifying the overlooked detail in all things written.

My goal is to add value to that which is important to you.

Before I trained as a proofreader, I worked for more than 25 years in the South African corporate retail environment across different portfolios including sales, marketing and specialised procurement. I genuinely love sharing information that I hope will make a difference in some way, to someone else. My personal philosophy holds integrity, community and service as key to what I work to achieve.

As a citizen of South Africa, I hold in my heart the wonder and diversity of my motherland.  Her astounding beauty of nature, traditions, cultures and resilient warriors, affirms the place that I call home. 
The epitome of this is the representation of the 11 official languages with English the most commonly spoken, and the language of official business and commerce.