We provide a fresh approach for growing in your space.

Our vision is working together with communities to simplify growing food, thus enabling food self-reliance.

Our mission is to provide convenient growing solutions to encourage self- sustainability.

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Our Story

Our aim is to provide growing solutions to encourage self-sustainability.

The world events since 2020 highlighted to us the growing need for balanced nutrition to support our immune systems. In addition to this, there is the ever-constant prevalence of food inflation.

With this in mind we embarked on a community project to start growing our own food. After enjoying the benefits of our endevours, we identified a growing need for extending this concept to like-minded citizens.  

After careful consideration, research and observation we realized that not everyone has the benefit of unlimited space to grow in. And so, we explored different ways to grow food. We identified the opportunity to utilise products that complement practical and versatile growing mediums. Hence the evolution of “The Grow Bag” concept.    

The Grow Bag concept can be placed anywhere. Whether it is on a patio, balcony or courtyard. Think of it as having your greengrocer within a few magical steps. An added benefit is that you only need to pick what you need for that particular day or immediate future. No more waste, no more tasteless cold storage and chemically enhanced food.   

Our goal is to provide authentic solutions for growing food, so that you can lead an improved lifestyle through self-sustainability. With a passion for nutrition, people and optimized convenience, we encourage you to join the growing food revolution.
Emily Evergreen
Founder, Owner
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